Unicorn Dating: What They Are & How to Find Them

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It’s Easy - Find a Unicorn on GaysMeetups.com!

If you’re ready to take your current relationship to the next level, you and your partner may be considering a third partner. Often referred to as a unicorn, this third partner is typically (but not always) a bi-sexual girl. The problem is, actually finding a unicorn can be extremely challenging, and that’s where Gaysmeetups comes in! Our safe, secure, and LBGT friendly website is definitely the perfect place to easily find a compatible partner for your current long-term relationship.

Unlike other online dating sites, our site is designed to connect singles with couples looking for unicorns & make matches that actually last. There aren’t many unicorn dating sites available today, & even fewer actually help you find the perfect partner! Here at Gaysmeetups, our focus is always on building quality connections, not week-long relationships. That’s why we enable couples (& unicorns) with a wide variety of dating features on our website.

Think you & your partner are ready to start dating a unicorn? You’ll never know if you don’t try (but we guarantee it’s worth taking the chance!). After all, love is great with two partners, so it’s even better with three. By adding a third person to the mix, you can easily ensure every person is happy & everyone’s needs are fully met. Complete your relationship romantically & sexually with GaysMeetups.com!

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Our Unicorn Dating Site is Here to Improve Your Relationship

If you’re a couple looking for unicorn dating, you probably already have an idea of the benefits they’ll bring to your relationship. Of course, if you’re new to this type of dating, unicorn relationships may be hard to understand. Not to worry - you two actually set the limits, so there’s no need to worry about the unicorn stealing your partner. When you start dating a unicorn (and you’ll have plenty of options thanks to all of our profiles), the limits are up to you to decide. The unicorn can become a serious romantic partner for both of you, or you can choose to keep it casual. Here are three common setups you can consider with the matches you find on our service.

  • Keeping it casual - With this setup, the lady you seek is there purely for sexual purposes. Everyone enjoys each other’s company & has a good time, but there isn’t any romance (at least not between the couple & their third partner).
  • Full-on romance - With this option, you’re in a three-way relationship. Essentially, you’re dating two people, which can be very rewarding but also offers its own unique set of challenges.
  • Figuring it out as you go - If you’re unsure of exactly what you want to get out of dating, be it long-term or a simple hookup, just go with the flow! Romance may happen, or it may not. Truthfully, it depends on all of the members involved. Just wait & find out!

What to Do If You Looking for a Unicorn

If you’re ready to meet a unicorn, then it’s time to try our unicorn online dating service! Users seeking to add a third party to their relationships are already chatting & flirting online, so why not you too? Here at GaysMeetups.com, we pride ourselves on providing excellent matchmaking services. That means we’ll help you find more than just a “date” - we’ll actually help you find a partner!

The first step is to join our dating site. Three-way relationships are one of our specialties, so finding one is almost as easy as signing up! To join, simply fill out our short account creation form, confirm your email, & start connecting with local singles to find your perfect unicorn date!

New to online dating? Here are a few tips to help your profile stand out from the rest!

  • Stay Active - If you’re never online, you probably won’t get a lot of messages!
  • Post Lots of Pictures - Quality pics let people know you’re real (and make you seem more approachable) so make sure you post some great shots!
  • Fill Out Your Info - Many people don’t bother to complete their profiles. Help yourself stand out, & take the time to add details. Potential partners want to know more about you before they send you a message!